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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 24, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> ama: traffic backed up for miles after a fatal accident near the san francisco airport. good evening, i'm ama daetz. it happened on northbound
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highway 101 near south airport boulevard. north of the airport. we're live with the latest. reporter: as you can see behind me, this traffic is now flowing freely here on highway 101 in south san francisco. that wasn't the case a couple hours ago. the fatal extent was called into the chp 8:20 tonight. the chp 9-1-1 operator received a dozen calls from drivers traveling northbound, saying someone was hit on the freeway. >> chp officers arrived at 8:26 and immediately closed all northbound lanes. the freeway was closed between grand eave new and oyster point. it was closed until fire trucks and emergency medical personnel arrived at the scene. the chp says when they arrived they saw a body lying in the third lane of northbound 101. the vic died after being hit by at least one car. officers have little information
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at this time. >> it was female, in her mid-20s. early 30s, at this time. but it's an ongoing investigation. we don't know if she was walking across the freeway or dropped off. reporter: the chp tie veerted traffic around the scene. traffic was directed to highway 380 and on san bruno avenue. traffic was backed up to the sfo. the chp opened one lane northbound at 9:30, another at about 10:00 p.m. now, as youc can see behind me, begin, all northbound lanes here at south san francisco are open. the chp says they have not identified the victim. what they're doing right now is calling back all those individuals they called in on the 9-1-1 log and trying to get information from them as to when this woman was on the freeway, why s@a might have been on the freeway, and who actually hit her. reporting live in south san francisco, abc-7 news.
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>> ama: 42 people are arrested and an officer injured after a party got out of control in san jose overnight. they began just before 11:00 last night'c on pat avene and lead for nearly six hours. san jose police say an officer trying to break up the party was injured whentñ people through bottles at him and someone tried to drag the officer into the backyard. police say party-goers started jumping over fences when they arrived. things differently. >> there was like 50 policed8 officers. >> what were they doing? >> um, being aggressive. >> ama: 33 adults and nine juveniles were taken into custody, and two prime people policemen were injured. >> for the second time in a week on the same block bullets for a fire. this morning two men got out of a car and smarted -- started
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shifting. last saturday night man was shot to death inside his car onmy te same street. two suspects were involved. both ran away and have not been found. police say the two incidents are not related. a touching memorial service for man whose was shot and killed by armed robber outside a 7-eleven start, rory park-petty ford was killed by two men who went on a crime spree, and today friends and family remembered the 22 year. >> hugs and tears outside the campbell tube roll home where dozens of friends and family members shared their memories of rory park-pettiford. >> i will never, ever get over this, but if he was just a friend, would never get over it. he was just a special person. not just a son but as a person. >> every day i have to stop and think about how i miss him, how
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i can't believe this is true. reporter: on friday night last week, park-pettiford was shot to death as two maximummed men tried to car jack him at the 7-eleven store. the gunman also shot and wounded a san jose officer after committing robberies at four local businesses. police arrested 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks after a man hunt, and his alleged partner was on the run until yesterday afternoon. that person 15eus-year-old -- is a 15-year-old boy who was arrested in concord. police have no information on the relationship between the man and the teenager. >> nothing determined yet. nothing that either one of them provided. at least the investigators shared with me. reporter: rory park, fitford's brother announced the arrest of the 15-year-old.
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>> me and rory grew up with some of the members of the san jose police force and when they found out rory was the victim, they pulled out all the stops. reporter: rory's father talked about the 15-year-old suspect. >> let me say i know you're probably grieving also, because not only did they take rory's life but they took their own life by doing such a heinous thing, and my prayers go out to them.. reporter: jonathan will basque is in jail on a charge that could bring the death penalty. the teenager is in juvenile hall facing robbery and homicide charges. the d.a. will determine if the boy be tried as an adult. none of the tips received have led to an arrest. >> ama: an update to a story we fought brought you last night. a pilot who died in a small
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plane crash has been identified by a danville man. russell hackler, an east bay veterinaria, died the crash. this is the scene of the crash. the plane is describe as an experimental aircraft. hackler was the only person onboard. >> a bay area man is unhurt after being pull from a drain pipe. a picture shows how crews took apart the 12-inch pipe to remove a homeless man. it took several hours but crews got him freed just after midnight. he was treated for hypothermia and dehydration. >> an oregon man found himself trapped in a more precarious position. the 38-year-old driver spent an our trapped inside its pickup as it danleed off the freeway overpass. look at the photos. the driver is fine. police believe alcohol may have been involved in that crash.
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let's head over to leigh glaser to find out how long the nice weather will hang around. >> leigh: at least one more die -- okay two more days, but you'll notice cooling tomorrow. live doppler 7hd showing low clouds just off the coast, some have already started to work their way into the marin headlandded and -- head lands and the golden gate bridge. current temperatures, getting cold out there. napa, 43. 54, san francisco. 63, san jose. heavy rain, a lot of wind, and accuweather seven-day forecast will cover that as well. >> ama: one of the fbi's ten most wanted men is now in custody. he was arrested in mexico on thursday. and arrived in los angeles yesterday, he is suspected of murdering two rival back members and his girlfriend in 1998 and a drug dealer in 2008 thevment
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they say he has been hiding out working as a drug cartel hitman. >> just of 9:00 sunday morning in egypt and protesters are gearing up for another day of fights with pro government police. this is video of thousands of people running away from tear gas fire. protests began after president morsi made himself and his policies immune from judicial review. one man said this is not why hosni mubarak was swept from power last year. >> this is a dictator toship, not what the revolution was about, morsery sid his new powers are needed to fight egypt's enemies. >> question nets death of yassar arafat could be answered this week. investigators will exhume his body tuesday, and sample will be taken to determine if he was
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poisoned. still to come at 11:00, nhl players locked out but that not keeping fans away from the ice. the san francisco minor league team that is turning the lockout into a success. plus, snow in the bay area. the local city that transported kids to a winter playland. forget black
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>> ama: locked out nhl players hit the ice too raise money for
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super storm sandy vices. -- sandy victims. it was called operation hat trick. tickets sold from 20 to $100 each and the nhl players association plans to throw in an additional $20,000. >> a total of 422 regular season games have been cancelled so far, and yesterday the nhl pulled the plug on the all-star weekend, but the lockout is giving local minor hearings a -- minor leaguers a chance to shine. reporter: hockey is back on the ice here in the bay area tonight, and sharks fans say, who needs the shark tank when you have the cow palace and a brand new team? >> call it major league hockey without all the glitz. >> kettle corn! >> or the glamor. >> hive five in the bulls, right?
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>> yes. >> the san francisco bulls, a minor league team, is playing their nine home game and have a loyal following from sharps fans cho who have no team. >> all the games i have seen here this they're well matched. >> missing your sharks. >> yeah. >> this is henry's second bulls game. his mom and dad are hooked. >> i think it's great. much easier to get to than going to san jose. we live in the city and happy to be here tonight. reporter: the manager says the lockout has been good for the few team. >> the sharks fans coming up is great, and it can only benefit, as sad as it is. reporter: but it's given sharks player a new job as an assistant coach. >> a good experience and making the most of a bad situation with the lockout. reporter: ticket prices for bulls games average $20, about
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half the price of a sharks game. >> the sharks are a little better, and everything is a little more expensive at a sharks game. >> i'm a sharks fan and a bulls fan. reporter: 3,000 fans attended tonight's game, and in the end end the bulls beat the stockton thunder, and not only are the tickets affordable, the price of hot dogs and refreshments won't break the bank, $5 to $6 for them. not a bad deal. >> ama: snow in the bay area? it happened today in san rafael but the snow didn't actually fall from the sky. minor detail. a snowmaking machine crashinged out several tons of snow. helping transport families to a snowy playland that this little girl didn't like so much. just a few hours east there's all the snow you could want for skiing. heavenly, squaw valley, and
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kirkwood are open for the season. next week the sierra is expected to see more snow which will allow several more resorts to open, and whale they get more snow, we'll be getting a lot of rain. >> leigh: kind of a stormy week ahead so enjoy tomorrow, monday, and most of tuesday, as those days will be the driest this upcoming week. here's a live look. you can't see it here but the low clouds, fog, starting to roll in golden gate bridge, seeing quite a bit of fog right now. and so all of that will venture inland overnight tonight. live doppler 7hd seeing the low clouds stacked up near the coast. all of this will continue to move inland this evening as we have had kind of a wind shift in the last few hours. we've had the offshore winds, providing low 70s today but the winds shifted to more onshore, so all the low cloud
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off the coast will move in overnight tonight. here's a look at the highs for today. speaking of 70s and 60s. cloverdale, 70. 72 was the high in santa rosa. oakland, 70. 57 in antioch, and gilroy, 71 degrees. santa cruz, 70. right now, 53 in antioch. 42, napa. mountain view, clear sky, 51 degrees. so here's a look at the forecast. low clouds and fog will redevelop overnight. mainly in the coast and bay. we may see fog in the protected valley areas. onshore winds will be with us and the rain moving in, the rain pattern and gusty winds wednesday, thursday, friday. lows tonight into the upper 30s to low 40s. north and east bay locations. otherwise, overnight temperatures near 50 degrees. high pressure, this is the
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setup, keeping the jet stream to the north, providing us with above normal temperatures. tomorrow it will weaken a bit and high clouds will venture in, this is storm number one and will bring rain and wind as early as wednesday. and the forecast an nation, this is 5:00 a.m. wednesday. look at the yellows, very heavy rain. a slight break thursday. this is 8:00 a.m. thursday. all this will start to lift for one day. and then a second storm will move in just in time for the friday morning commute, and it will be a very strong system, providing us with quite a bit of rain as well as quite a bit of wind so be advised, the latter part of the week will be dicey. tomorrow, temperatures come down, mid-to-upper 60s inland. we'll see hazy skies, high clouds will start to venture insuring what sewnville, 68. a dry day sunday, monday,
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tuesday, clouds thicken, and strong winds developing on wednesday. brief break on thursday and then more wind and rain on friday, into saturday. a lot of folks putting up their holiday decorations today and tomorrow. so make sure you nail everything down, secure everything. >> ama: thank you, leigh. well, maybe next week. there will no winners in the power ball jack pot drawing, the jackpot was the fourth largest ever. next wednesday night's jack pot is $420 million, the largest jackpot ever. it is not sold here in california. >> mike: okay. the college football, stanford wrapped up the pac-12 title game, beating ucla in southern cal and as usual it was the stepfan taylor show. you won't b
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>> mike: well, stanford had to beat ucla today in the season finale to advance to the pac-12 title game next week against, ucla. cardinal on the move early, 11 plays, 5-yard, kevin hogan with time, finds receiver drew terrell wide open in the end zone. 7 or in a flash. ucla freshman hundredley -- hundley with the pass. game time. stanford, showing off the wildcat. anthony takes the snap. runs it up the gut. 14-7 cardinal. next trierks stepfan taylor breaks through, this time to the open field. no one catches him. sets a school record with his 21st 100-yard game. third quarter, hundley, picked we richards. 22nd straight game with a turnover for stanford's defense. fourth longest streak in the nation. look at this catch, had to
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squeeze it on his helmet. 142 yards on 20 carries in three quarters. stanford wins 35-17. taking the pac-12 north division, they'll face ucla on friday for the pac-12 championship. >> take it one step at a time. we came out here, tried to pay attention to detail. >> mike: heisman hopeful manti te'o looking to keep the fighting irish number one against usc. notre dame controlled the first quarter. riddick, nine-yard score. fighting irish, 10-0. fourth quarter, fourth and goal for usc but notre dame's d comes up big. the fighting irish complete a perfect season beating usc 22-1. notre dame's next game for the national title, facing the winner of alabama and georgia. >> we hat a shotout with san jose state hosting louisiana
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tech. david fales came out swinging. then up the middle. to the fourth. last tech keeping it close. 45-43 after a failed two-point conversion. fales airs out out. watch this catch in the end zone. the may was rae viewed, was upheld. 26-yard touchdown, spartans win it 52-43. end their season 10-2, and they're going to bowl game. warriors hosting minnesota at oracle, and a fourth quarter
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>> mike: let go to the hardwood, warriors losing last night but
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turn it around last night against minnesota. this game was all about amazing shots. check out the replay. 99 out of 100 times he is missing that shot. lee with 17. then rookie harrison-barnes. posterize. the bench goes wild. clay thompson led the way in the second half. he had 24. is his shot pure or what. warriors outscore the t-wolves, warriors 96-85, the final. >> gilroy's own robert the ghost guerrero in the ring. won six world titles, four different weight classes but seems to be every overlooked. the ghost, threw 731 punches, landing 238. knocking berto down twice.
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won by unanimous decision, winning nine of the 12 rounds, retaining his interim wbc well ter weight title. >> this abc-7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. >> ama: new concern about international adoption. the i-team investigation that uncovers what parents don't know until it's too late. >> small business saturday. >> coupon queens go to battle literally. the fight that began over clipping coupons. we'll be right back.
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>> ama: good evening. in tonight's headlines, a woman walking on the northbound lanes of 101 was struck and killed shortly before nine. lanes were shut down. officers have not said why the woman was on the freeway. 42 people arrest, including nine juveniles, after police were called to a rowdy house party in san jose, officers were responded to a shoots fire
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callment when they arrived they were pelted with bottles. >> a 15-year-old boy has been arrested in connection with a attempted carjacking and homicide in san jose. after the gluttony black friday comes small business saturday, today president barack obama and his daughters took part by shopping at a book store in arlington, virginia, and the president isn't the only one shopping today in support of his community. >> have to be taken care of. >> this berkeley shop owner begins the day prepping his store for his customers and families, knowing the small touches make a big difference. >> we want people to invest back in their community, which we feel like they do when the shop small.
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reporter: this is the store's second year participating in small business saturday. a nationwide effort start net 2010 to celebrate and support small businesses for all they do in their community. and park toys is part of the project for the first time and is offering an incentive for customers who buy locally. >> you can get a thomas train or ecobear, and they're really cute, and it's good if you weren't thinking about an extra gift for somebody. reporter: american express is offering a $25 statement credit for card holders who register their card and spend $25 at participating small businesses. >> we're giving an extra 10% off to people to shop here. >> some shoppers don't need the added perk. telling me they think dave should be a small business day. >> i always shop locally. always good to shop locally. for the ohio i will, too. >> it's go to have a variety of shops, and to meet quirky people
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and not have people who have strict business regulations. >> small businesses are having a harder time. box scores can go in a community and destroy small businesses. so by putting back into us and the community, you're helping the small mom and pop businesses survive. reporter: if you weren't able to get out today, you're encouraged to support small businesses on cyber monday. in berkeley, abc-7 news. >> ama: black friday shoppers didn't spend as much as last year. consumers spent just over $1 billion. down 1.8% from last year. home shoppers may make up the difference. online sales went up nearly 21% from last year. now a different kind of shoppy frenzy. the manager of a dollar story in tennessee is accused of attacking customers for using coupons. these women wanted to save money on a few dozen items. the manager refused to honor the coupons. she threatened to call the
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police on them, they said. the two left but while walking out of the store they say the manager attacked one of them. >> you can see i have broken blood vessels. >> we were using coupons, trying to save money use, the story manager has been charged with misdemeanor assault. >> as america grow heavier so does our idea of the ideal weight. the average adult weighs 176-pounds, up 15 pounds from 1990. the average female weighs 156 pounds, average man, 196 pounds. of the 65% of people who admit being overweight, quart are of them are trying to lose the extra pounds. >> nasa will announce news about a discovery on mars in little more than a week in san francisco. nasa scientist say the curiosity rover found something interesting in the soil. they wouldn't say what it is. they will say it will be one for
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the history books. right now they're double-checking their data to make sure it's correct. the announcement will be made the american geo physical union meeting. still to come, the biggest youtube video ever. and, the abc-7 news i-team looks into the risk of international adoption. we'll hear from a family who claims they adopted family from an asylum not knowing it. >> leigh: starting to see quite a bit of low cloudiness and fog that could slow down your travel
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>> ama: families across the country have trust of trusted a santa clara man to help them adopt ukrainian children. but they're worried they're not getting the full story about the children's health. here's some of the risks of international adoption. >> this has been probably the hardest thing. i can't imagine going through anything worse. >> laurie and jason thought they were doing the right thing. the north carolina couple decided to adopt two children from an orphanage in the ukraine but now say they were misled by the people who were supposed to make sure the adoptions went smoothly. >> it has destroyed our family, literally. >> in april 2010, the couple learned about the plight of
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ukrainian orphans from a church group. >> i cried through the presentation. >> she says they were hooked. the church group intro cruised them to david avila, he charged them $4,875 for adoption facilitation services. >> he was supposed to make sure we have all the information that we need. >> they agreed to aadopt this nine-year-old before meeting her, and after jason went on a mission trip and saw the living conditions at the orphanage, the family also decided to adopt 14 year alec. >> want to get them out of there; it is a horrible physical environment. reporter: they say avila never raised any questions about the children's health and received just a few sheets on each child, written in ukrainian that glassed over serious issues when they arrived home they experienced their first signs of trouble with feta. >> she hits and kicks and threatens to commit suicide,
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threatened to kill everybody in our family. >> she has brought feta and alec to a psychologist. >> very cheer these two children had very significant developmental neurological disabilities. >> feta was diagnosed with 12 mental and psychological disorders and now lives in a mental hospital in north carolina. alec had seven enemy disorders. >> they should not have been made available to family that openly stated i want the most severely child, fetal alcohol, drug exposure, brain damage. >> she says they had no idea what they were getting into. they discovered late their utrainan or orphanage was actually an an asigh him. >> never cliff dosed. >> they believe avila should have told them about the conditions. >> should have known. he was paid to know. >> we featured a villa in a story about his adoption program
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in 2008. a program similar to the one this family heard about in north carolina. avila brings ukrainians orphans in a group to meet american families. >> 80% of the kids that come over find a family that indictments them. >> david avila declined to be interview. after the i-team spotted him in gilroy, he took us on a tour of the town and stopped at a police station. officers warned him to follow traffic rules. i approached as he rushed into his home. >> i need to talk to you, david. going to put a jacket on your head? are you being straight with families about the kids they're adopting? >> avila did give jason and laurie a cr with the clause that haven't of child cannot be guaranteed. parent is encouraged to seek the advice of medical professionals with expertise in anywhere balance speed -- international speed yack -- speed yack tricks.
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avila must register for the state. he was registered but lapsed in 2010. >> if someone doesn't a have the registration, that is an issue they may be operating illegally. >> the descrict district attorney's office tells us there have been no complaints filed against avila. >> something we have to investigate. we look at both sides. >> laurie and jason say they will be filing a complaint against avila and they are spreading the word about their adoption experience, hoping it's not repeated by other families. >> we brought these children here with hope, and there's such a loss of hope. >> we spoke with the family featured in the store with avila in 2008, they say they're happy with avila's service but say their child does have mental problems. alec is in high school and his parents are still worried about his future. >> ama: there's a new king of youtube.
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♪ >> ama: it is official. gunman stale ills the most watched youtube. reached 806 million view us. topping justin bieber and his hit, baby. >> leigh: we're seeing the fog develop near the coast. i want to show you just what is going to happen if you're traveling. we have more onshore winds. you can seal the low clouds developing overnight tonight. spots of dense pockets of fog tomorrow morning, and then central valley area, maybe a little fog, too, so just be advised you may want to delay travel plans by car a little later in the morning once that starts to dissipate. lax tomorrow morning, maybe a chance of fog there.
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san diego report something low cloudiness. that should burn back to the coast. 59 for san diego. 59 for fresno once the fog burns off. 52, degrees, sunshine, expected for tahoe. snow, 34, great falls tomorrow, minneapolis, cold, 30. expecting snow there tomorrow night. chicago, sunshine. 43. atlanta tomorrow, sunny, 57 degrees. we have three more days of dry weather. sunday, monday, will be dry. we'll start to cool things down a bit. tuesday, thickening clouds, wednesday, storm number one moves in. look for the rain and wind to develop by wednesday morning. a brief break on thursday, and then storm number two moves in on friday. with some heavy rain and also some wind, lingering in to saturday as well. of course, tomorrow morning, beginning at 5:00 a.m., an update on the wet las pattern
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developing. >> ama: mike shumann is here with sports, all week we're hearing who is going to be the quarterback for the niners. >> mike: still don't know. they're still going to play. the 49ers hit the roorksd facing the saints in as am ama said, we
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>> mike: the 49ers coming off a huge win monday night against
11:52 pm
the bears. they ahead to new orleans and face the saintsle wetle aren't sure who will start at quarterback but my bet's on collin kaepernick. saints ranked last in the run defense. niners are first. the saints won five of their last six after starting the season 0-4, coach harbaugh knows that on sunday stats and ranking don't matter. >> every week is its own game, its own sprint. this week is its own challenge, and they're playing high level football on the defensive side of the ball, and it will be a difficult challenge for us. a lot of respect for their time. >> mike: 1:25 kickoff. the raiders face cincinnati, the team that drafted car sob palmer. palmer throwing the ball 146 times in the last three games,
11:53 pm
all losses. in order to win games you have to have more balance on offense, mixing in throws with runs. >> it's extremely important. we have to be able to have a balanced offense. when you throw the football that many times, those things happen. so we have to have balance, have to be able to throw the football, and we got to finish some drives and get points. >> mike: that will be a 10:00 a.m. kickoff. college football, stanford had to beat ucla today in the season finale to advance the pac-12 title game next week against, ucla. cardinal on the move early, 75 yards opening drive. kevin hogan with all sorts of times. drew terrell wide open, and they're up 7 or in a flash. brett hundley, finds joseph, makes a great leaping covrage. ties the game at 7:00.
11:54 pm
anthony wilkerson takes the snap. stanford up 14-0. stepfan taylor breaks through, this time to the open field. 49 yards, sets a school record, 21st 100-yard game. third quarter, hundley, picked off. 22nd straight game with a turnover for stanford d. look at this catch. squeeze it up against his hell moat. laid to taylor's second touchdown of the game. 14 yards on 20 carries and only three quarters. stanford taking the pac-12 north division and will face the same ucla bruins at stanford for the pac-12 championship. >> came out here, take it one step at a time. it's a game we needed to win and we tried to pay attention to detail, one play at a time. >> mike: what a season. we had an old fashioned shootout
11:55 pm
at spartans stadium. san jose state hosting louisiana tech. david fales came out slinging. connects with wilson. he'll do the rest. 42-yard touchdown. the spartans trailed 27-24 at the half. fast forward the third. it spartans on top 38-37. now bulldogs trail. after a failed two-point conversion. fales to carr. amazing catch in the end zone. play was reviewed. upheld. 26-yard touchdown. spartans win big, 52-43. end the year 10-2. they're on their way to a bowl game. >> let's jump over the hardwood. warriors with back-to-back games, losing to the nuggets in denver last night. turn it around tonight against
11:56 pm
minnesota. the game was all about amazing shops. david lee, no look, behind the back. lee with 17 on the night. not to be outdone. harrison-barnes, posterized. the pitch goes wide. check it out. the t-wolves led at the half. clay thompson led the way in the second. he had 24. is that pure or what? warriors outscore the t wolves 26-11 in the forth. warriors improve to 8-6 on the year, 96-8 a 5 the final. >> this abc sports report brought to you by river rock casino. what way for stanford to end up the year, playing the same team next friday. go online and buy tickets to the game. >> ama: thank you, shu. thank you for joining us. that's it for this edition of abc-7 news. and once abc-7 news continues
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and once abc-7 news continues tomorrow morning at
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